Building Complementary Services: A Powerful Long-Term Social Media Marketing Strategy

A fundamental aspect of marketing is to gain the attention of a target audience and engage or redirect it in a way which fulfills specific objectives, such as a positive increase in reputation, legitimacy, mindshare, exposure (visitor traffic), sales and captured leads (subscribers, users, clients etc). In terms of online marketing, social media channels offer many opportunities. Some webmasters focus on setting up profiles with self-serving user generated […]

Everyone Uses the Internet for a Reason

It’s the first month of a new year and at this time I’m itching to start new web ventures both for fun and profit. I usually do up a list of possible startup and site ideas and narrow them down into those with the highest potential. But success depends on execution and not just plans […]

Advertisements that Work: Lessons from Tissue Pack Marketing

If you’ve been to Japan, you might have noticed the popular practice of tissue-pack marketing. Companies hire agencies to distribute small tissue packages with advertisements inserted in them. These tissue packs are then handed out at crowded city areas to various types of passerbys. Some target only men or women, depending on the product/service advertised. […]

Infographics Can Help You Spread Ideas and Attract Attention

An image is an act of communication. Images play an important role in the presentation of ideas. Worth more than a thousand words, they encapsulate meaning by both simplifying and embodying conceptual theories.They make information more appealing, more persuasive. In the realm of art or activism, images reflect the underlying current of collective feeling by vocalizing […]

How to Understand Your Audience: Data Collection & Analysis

The internet is a fast-paced environment. People can come to your website at any hour from a wide range of locations, each of them with different intentions or needs. Unlike physical retail stores, you can’t see who is coming in and browsing around. You don’t know much about the people reading you. How can we develop a rough profile […]

Fear of Losing: Using Competitive Instincts to Your Advantage

The Winner’s Curse is a term used to describe auctions whereby the winner will overpay because he/she overestimates the item’s actual market value. This tendency to overbid is due to factors like incomplete information or other market participants. Recent research show that people also overbid because of the fear of losing in a social competition.  A team of NYU neuroscientists and […]

The Future of Content in the Age of Information Overload

The decline of newspaper popularity has been attributed to the rise of the internet and the proliferation of web-based content. With an extremely low barrier of entry and variable cost, the web allows anyone with a computer to become an independent publisher: As a result, the amount and variety of content online far exceeds print publications in most […]

How ‘Mini-Funnel’ Websites Can Help You Increase Traffic, Generate Leads and Build Exposure

Search engines are an excellent source of high quality web traffic. They don’t send visitors who ‘stumble upon’ your website or accidently clicked on an ad banner. Instead, they send you interested visitors who type in a query while fully expecting to find what they need. They are engaged right from the start and ready to buy, browse or […]

What We Can Learn from E-mail Spammers

Imagine you’re a email spammer. Your strategy is to send out thousands of unsolicited emails everyday hoping that some unassuming individual will purchase your product or inadvertently get infected by your malware/virus, so you can phish for credit card and banking details. So here’s the situation. You’re dealing with millions of people whom you don’t know. […]